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Deliver retail training without pulling staff from the floor

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You don’t have to take staff off the floor during store hours for training, or pay them over-time to stay after closing. Solve both of these problems with TalentCards: the mobile learning app for retail training. Create my free account

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Solve your retail training challenges with TalentCards

Keep your retail staff where they belong — on the floor, helping customers

After-hours training is a huge expense. And your retail staff can’t sit behind a computer during store hours when there are customers who need assistance.

Deliver your retail training program to your employees through their smartphones with the TalentCards app. Create mobile retail training courses that deliver information to every employee in as little as 5 minutes. That means your people can train before a shift, on break, or any time in between.

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Slash training costs for seasonal staff

Investing a fortune to train temporary seasonal staff is unavoidable. Except, it doesn’t have to be.

With TalentCards, training seasonal workers doesn’t have to mean huge costs. When you have extra people to train, upgrade your plan for the busy season, and then downgrade back to normal later. Make sure every employee has the necessary sales, customer service, or product knowledge, no matter how long they’re staying. TalentCards lets you pay for what you need, when you need it.

Help every retail associate stay up to date on your product lines

With every new product launch comes a new training expense. Unless you have a mobile training app.

Deliver product knowledge straight to your retail workers’ smartphones. Whether you have 5 products, or 5,000, you can help every employee learn them inside and out, with as little as 5 minutes of daily training. Each time a new product launches, create or update your retail training, and deliver it instantly with the tap of a button.

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Marco Starink Independent Microlearning Specialist

Using TalentCards we actually encourage staff and empower them with the right knowledge of our own product range, so they’re confident enough to walk up to a customer now.

Marco Starink Independent Microlearning Specialist
Marco Starink Independent Microlearning Specialist
Marco Starink
Independent Microlearning Specialist
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What types of retail training can you use TalentCards for?

Deskless training image

Deskless training

Training no longer needs to disrupt your store operations. Deliver your retail training program to every associate through a smartphone or tablet, and keep your staff where they belong— on the floor helping customers.

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Product training

Keep your retail staff up to date on every product, and every new launch. Create a direct link between yourself and every associate, and roll out retail product training to them from anywhere, at any time.

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Reinforcement training image

Reinforcement training

Your store’s performance can only be as good as your staff’s. Help your employees develop valuable retail skills in communication and customer service with as little as 5 minutes of daily reinforcement training.

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