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Create microlearning courses instantly with the power of AI
TalentCards is the first microlearning platform that generates microlearning courses on the spot, complete with text and unique images. Simply type in your training topic, and watch the magic happen.

Your frontline needs more than a Learning Management System

Create high impact, low time-commitment mobile training

Training that’s long and drawn-out is unenjoyable. And that means it’s ineffective. TalentCards is a mobile learning app that uses the power of microlearning to make an impact on users. In as little as 5 minutes a day, employees can learn and reinforce important training topics.

You’ll see tangible results, like increased engagement, higher completion rates, and lower average training costs.

Make training accessible anywhere

Training that’s inconvenient to access is training that doesn’t get done. With the TalentCards app, mobile workers can train directly from their smartphones, and even download content for offline viewing. Over a cup of coffee, or directly on the job, training is always at their fingertips.

Offer your team courses they’ll enjoy

Gone are the days when engagement went as far as hitting “click to continue”. TalentCards’ learning system is interactive, supporting image, audio, and video uploads. Everyone can compete for points and rankings on the app’s leadership board, making training feel more like a game, and less like a chore.

Turn training into a daily habit

Training shouldn’t be a once-a-year, check-off-the-boxes kind of event. TalentCards helps you make it a daily habit, so that your people apply what they learn, and keep critical job information front of mind. Its spaced-repetition algorithm helps users master difficult material by adjusting to display unfamiliar cards more frequently.

Mobile training in the field

Don’t pull frontline workers away from the job for training. Bring the training to them.

Deliver information and training to your mobile workforce using the tool they already carry everywhere— their smartphones.

  1. Create card sets with your training material
  2. Add users to the platform and invite them to download the app
  3. Share your card sets for everyone to access from their smartphones

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See what our users have to say

I can see an improvement in performance. For instance, I see fewer problems with brakes after brake training. I see fewer problems with door locks after a door lock training … We see an improvement in the end line, and fast.


Diego Melo Silvestrini, Technical Training Supervisor at Schindler

TalentCards is a forward-thinking and innovative approach to contemporary eLearning development. With TalentCards I can now offer a new and exciting eLearning solution to my clients.

elearning space

Paul Williams, Founding Director at elearning space

This concept of flipping cards, it’s proven that it’s effective … The fact that you can flip the cards is the magic, in the sense of efficiency and retention.


Carlos Latorre, Head of Global Safety at Schindler

I think TalentCards is a good tool for Micro-learning and Rapid eLearning. It`s great for training people on specific processes and keeping a record of it. An excellent tool to enhance any learning program.


Felipe Araya, Director at Grouper Knowledge Transfer

Why is a mobile training platform
better for a deskless workforce?


of deskless employees prefer short training sessions that happen at regular intervals over long, one-time training events


of frontline workers report feeling comfortable using their own personal mobile devices to complete training


of deskless workers agree that access to additional training would help them feel more connected to their company's values and missions

Source: The State of Deskless Workforce Training
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