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Microlearning designed for training mobile workers

Field workers that are always on the move need training that moves with them. TalentCards is more than just a flashcard app. It maximizes employee engagement by leveraging the power of microlearning, a training method proven to result in greater comprehension and memory retention than traditional methods.

Create laser-focused training

TalentCards is designed to communicate information in small, memorable units. The online card editor helps you build training that does exactly that.

The space on each single or double-sided card allows just enough room for the important stuff, with none left over for fluff.

Build card sets

Upload content in multiple formats

Add more than just text to your learning cards. Create content that’s engaging for learners by embedding images, diagrams, audio, video, and hyperlinks to web URLS for a training session your team will actually want to complete.

Make training stick using spaced repetition

The goal is for your people to actually remember and apply their training. TalentCards uses spaced repetition, a method proven to help users master knowledge. The app automatically identifies each user’s problem areas and adjusts the training for them. That means they only spend time on topics that need improvement, and not on ones that don’t.

Create quizzes to measure results

Check that users have mastered their training by creating quizzes they need to pass before they’re allowed to proceed to new cards. Choose from standard multiple-choice quizzes, or gamified quizzes that require users to earn a certain number of points within a time limit to pass.

Optimize the learning experience

Train learners in their native language

Available in over 13 languages, TalentCards is a globally accessible microlearning platform that helps your training overcome language barriers. Empower your learners to get the most out of their training by allowing them to focus on your content, instead of on translations.

Gamify the learning experience

TalentCards combines training with gaming to make learning a habit. Users earn points every time they complete a card set or quiz. Soon your entire team will be competing for rankings (and bragging rights) on the app’s leadership board.

Make information accessible anywhere, any time

Frontline workers can download their content to be viewed offline, giving them access to critical information, no matter their location. If your team member does forget something, the information is just a tap away. They can search for specific content in the app and refresh their memory, right on the job.

Simplify admin tasks

Instantly communicate new information

Forget emails that sit unopened and unread. The moment you update or publish a new card set for your team, you can send them a push notification, right to their smartphones. Whether your people are in the office, on the road, or in the field, you can stay connected and be assured that important messages are seen.

Spend less time on user management

Instantly invite or import multiple new users in your portal, so that you no longer have to spend time adding them one by one. Sync users’ details in the platform from an external file or system, sort them into groups, and assign them tags for quick and convenient filtering.

Brand your training

Have your own company training app, without building a company training app. Upload your logo and customize your in-app colors to match your company’s brand. Your card sets will fit right in with the rest of your training materials and your company’s unique identity.

Fast-track company-wide adoption

Quantify user engagement on the spot

The analytics dashboard takes the work out of gathering performance data. Get a quick overview, or schedule and view exported reports to get a more in-depth look at learner activity, progress, completion, and engagement over time.

Automate workflows through rules and integrations

TalentCards natively integrates with learning management systems TalentLMS and eFront. The platform also integrates with hundreds of additional systems through Zapier, including Google Sheets, Slack, and Asana. Reduce administrative time by establishing rules in the platform to automate when card sets will be assigned, when notifications are sent, and how frequently user progress is reset.

One-step implementation

Users simply download the app and type in a code to join the company portal. That’s it.

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