Discover how Humane delivers training to hundreds of logistics workers using TalentCards

How Humane delivers specialized mobile training to hundreds of logistics employees with TalentCards

Humane TalentCards customer story.

Founded in 2021, Humane is bridging the gap between education tech and logistics tech. Its mission is to deliver valuable training to frontline workers, particularly in logistics industries such as transportation, shipping, and warehousing.

The company’s Founder, Aurélien Jacomy, and Content Creator, Luana Franklin Amarante, share how TalentCards enabled the creation of Humane, and the delivery of mobile training to over 500 employees.

The problem

Having an extensive professional background in supply chain and logistics, Aurélien identified an industry-wide problem, and opportunity, early on: frontline and deskless employees in the shipping and distribution industry aren’t getting the training they need and deserve.

Usually what these employees receive is just basic training about what they should do in their day to day. There is no prospect for them to grow in their careers. Our question was, ‘Can we create something that will really interest blue-collar workers, or will they complete training just because they’re forced to? And, ultimately, can we cause a significant positive impact on the company’s overall operational performance?’

said Aurélien

And so the idea for founding Humane was born. Aurélien and his team were determined to find a way to deliver impactful and valuable training to logistics professionals around the world.

But how could they create and distribute training content to deskless employees scattered in different countries that was easy to access, engaging to complete, and affordable to reproduce?

That’s where TalentCards came in.

The solution

For Aurélien and his team, founding the company and discovering TalentCards happened at the same time.

At the time, we only had the idea of creating multi-client training for logistics companies, and we were looking for a platform to publish our content. That’s where we found TalentCards. And so we built our solution based on TalentCards.

said Aurélien

Choosing TalentCards

While Aurelien and Luana were looking for a platform with various functionalities, they had two critical requirements: the platform had to be easy for frontline workers to use, and it must offer a public API that Humane could use to establish integrations.

Our clients have truck drivers who are between 25 and 50 years old, and TalentCards works for everybody. It’s simple and easy to use.

said Luana

The feature we are using the most is definitely the API. We set up the backend rules about how card sets should be assigned to learners based on how they’re performing, or based on our clients’ requests.

said Aurélien

In addition to the API, Humane’s clients also get a lot of use out of features like uploading audio and video to card sets, adding quizzes, downloading content for offline viewing, and the ability to localize the app in learners’ native language, Portuguese.

The results

Aurélien and Luana have seen that their clients’ employees overwhelmingly enjoy the training they receive on TalentCards because it’s “short, direct, and to the point”.

But it’s more than that.

In a lot of companies that employ deskless employees, people like the truck drivers feel forgotten or left out, because of the fact that they are on the road and away from physical company locations. Luana explained that the training Humane delivers makes these employees feel valued and empowered.

We have had employees tell us that they had never received specialized training before. They tell us, ‘I didn’t know that I needed this information, but now that I’ve discovered it, I really need it!’

said Luana

Aurelien also described that while employees may leave companies that are using TalentCards via Humane’s services, they have asked Humane if they can retain access to their training. Humane creates and delivers not just technical job training, but also material that covers current events and updates in the logistics industry, and skills that will help employees grow and excel in their careers.

Even when employees may leave our client’s company, they have asked us if they can keep learning through TalentCards, and remain with our company, Humane. They want to keep receiving training every week, not because their employers were forcing them to, but because they want to learn more.

said Aurélien

Having seen success with clients, and wanting to continue helping businesses reduce employee turnover and increase productivity, Humane is now expanding their services to additional clients in the logistics industry.

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Aurélien Jacomy Founder of Humane - Humane

Aurélien Jacomy

Founder of Humane
Luana Franklin Amarante Content Creator at Humane - Humane

Luana Franklin Amarante

Content Creator at Humane
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