Schindler Elevates Safety using TalentCards

Discover how Schindler provides just-in-time training to over 5,000 technicians across the Americas.

As the world’s leading provider of elevators, escalators, and moving walks, Schindler’s machines help move more than 1.5 billion people every day. Maintaining the highest safety standards is critical, and only possible when employees receive proper training. With over 65,000 employees in more than 100 countries, training initiatives are a massive undertaking for the company.

The problem

Schindler’s training challenge was one well known to global companies: how do you deliver training to employees that are spread across multiple locations, and have different job roles? Gathering employees from across even a single country for training is incredibly expensive, and sometimes impossible.

This challenge led Carlos Latorre, Head of Global Safety, to begin searching for training solutions that were both easily accessible, and had a high degree of effectiveness. His search led him to TalentCards.

Why TalentCards

With safety on the line, Carlos decided to solve Schindler’s conventional training challenge with an unconventional solution: TalentCards. While most training software is designed for office-bound employees, Schindler’s employees needed a different approach. One that could support workers while they were on the job, and could quickly and effectively communicate information.

How is TalentCards different from a traditional LMS?

Given the nature of these employees’ jobs, training couldn’t be a one-time event. Reinforcement training is constantly necessary to ensure that every employee remembers critical technical and compliance information.

Schindler’s primary goal is to seek for a safer environment around the world ... One of our main objectives is to really fight the forgetting curve,

Antonio Rivas Cortes,
Schindler’s Quality & Training Zone Manager for the Americas.

Finding a training solution designed to increase retention and engagement became a key factor in choosing TalentCards.

One of the points that I love ... about the concept of flashcards is the discovery point. For me, this is the key. It’s key that you are reading one side, and you are eager to discover what is on the back. This is extremely powerful for brain retention. That’s why we are more and more captivated by this solution,

said Carlos

Technical Training Supervisor, Diego Melo Silvestrini, was responsible for rolling out TalentCards to employees in Brazil. The training platform was first made available to technicians and repair teams.

Before adopting the TalentCards platform, Schindler was only using SuccessFactors to train its employees. But the platform offered only limited access to these frontline workers, and zero access to the nearly 1,000 subcontractors working with Schindler. As a result, Diego began using TalentCards to make training accessible to everyone.

People like it because, to be honest, it’s easier to use than SuccessFactors. For most of our content, we had a simpler version on TalentCards, and a more complete version on SuccessFactors, and people tended to access it using TalentCards.

The results

Diego found that nearly 90% of employees who have access to smartphones chose TalentCards over SuccessFactors to complete their training.

They enjoy it. It goes without saying. A training I had created a year ago and forgot to unpublish from the platform, had 1,000 views,

said Diego

The company currently uses TalentCards to train 5,000 frontline workers across Brazil, Mexico, and Costa Rica. And this newfound enjoyment surrounding training has had positive, far-reaching effects on performance.

I can see an improvement in performance. For instance, I see fewer problems with brakes after brake training. I see fewer problems with door locks after a door lock training ... We see an improvement in the end line, and fast.

For employees, using TalentCards to complete training goes beyond increased engagement and fun. It improves their everyday experience on the job.

I would say from a safety point of view, the technicians feel safer executing their jobs, because they have a backup at whatever time they need,

Antonio explained

Increased accessibility, coupled with improved retention, and a positive training experience have empowered Schindler to execute and maintain the highest level of safety in their machines.

The future

As a result of the exemplary success that Schindler has experienced with TalentCards in South America, the company plans to roll out the platform to its employees in the U.S. and Canada as well.

This kind of implementation is a strategy for us … This concept of flipping cards, it’s proven that it’s effective … The fact that you can flip the cards is the magic, in the sense of efficiency and retention … The target is to have a global implementation of this technology

said Carlos

Moving beyond technicians and repair teams, Schindler plans to use TalentCards to train a variety of employees across different departments.

It’s very fun … Seeing the reaction of the participants and receiving feedback is the beauty of TalentCards.

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