Train your team from their smartphones with a top microlearning app

Create microlearning courses from your desktop, and share them with learners on their smartphones. Deliver training that’s quick to complete, and makes a lasting impact.
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What is TalentCards?

TalentCards is a top microlearning platform that helps businesses and organizations create short, powerful courses for their team members.

Create interactive flashcard sets online, and share them with your teams to access from their smartphones.

Add text, images, audio, video, and even more to your cards to create a learning experience that is engaging and memorable.
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Build mobile training with TalentCards in 3 simple steps

  1. Create card sets

    Create a card set

    Start by creating your free TalentCards account, and your first card set. The concise space on each card encourages you to embrace a microlearning approach to your training. Focus on the most important info, and cut out any fluff!

  2. Add learners

    Add learners

    TalentCards lets you quickly mass upload your learners from an external file, or add them individually. You can organize them into groups, and send them a message inviting them to join.

  3. Share your card sets

    Share your card sets

    Your team members simply download the TalentCards app onto their smartphones, and in minutes they have training at their fingertips. Share new card sets with the click of a button, instantly making them accessible to teams anywhere in the world.

What else can you do with TalentCards?

  • Gamify the learning experience
  • Send push notifications
  • Customize the app’s look and feel
  • Enable offline access
  • Create quizzes, surveys, and polls
  • Offer training in your local language

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TalentCards allows you to deliver training to your teams through their smartphones, no matter where they are in the world.

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