Compliance training software for mobile workers

Be the company hero and introduce the top compliance training software tool for boosting engagement and completion. Rest easy knowing you've checked off all the boxes, and minimized the risk of an accident.

Don’t just deliver compliance training online. Make it mobile.

How do you get everyone on your team to complete training that’s notoriously boring, yet critically important? You make it short, engaging, and accessible.

Transform your compliance training delivery

Yes, it’s possible to deliver compliance training that isn’t dreadfully boring. Create engaging microlearning courses to train your employees in workplace compliance, instead of handing them a giant manual to memorize. Train your people directly from their smartphones using text, images, audio, and video, and watch completion rates soar.

Increase retention, decrease accidents

If your employees are completing their compliance training just for the sake of getting it over with, then they might as well have never done it at all. Ensure your people have actually learned safety measures and protocols by providing them with spaced repetition training, a method proven to result in increased retention.

Fast-track completion tracking

Keeping track of completions, sending out reminders, reassigning training courses — none of it has to be a nightmare. The right compliance training software simplifies and automates all of these processes. Armed with powerful analytics, you can quickly and easily report your team’s workplace compliance status to the higher-ups.

Never leave your frontline untrained

What features make TalentCards the best compliance training software?

Mobile accessibility

Compliance training gets a bad reputation, and for good reason. When your people are on the move, the last thing they want to do is sit behind a computer for hours of training. TalentCards gives your employees the ability to complete compliance courses directly from their smartphones, and even allows them to download content to view offline.


While mandatory compliance training may not be exciting, you can boost completion by turning it into a friendly competition between co-workers. TalentCards’ gamification elements allow users to earn points for completing courses and quizzes. Soon your entire team will be competing for rankings (and bragging rights) on the app’s leadership board.

Spaced repetition

Real learning happens when content is consistently reviewed — not memorized once and then quickly forgotten. TalentCards helps reduce workplace accidents by using spaced repetition to identify each user’s problem areas, and adjust the training for them. That means they only spend time learning topics they’re unfamiliar with, and not on ones they already know.

Analytics at a glance

TalentCards’ analytics dashboard takes the work out of gathering completion data. Get a quick overview, or schedule and view exported reports to get an in-depth look at user activity, progress, completion, and engagement over time.

How do I use TalentCards to build better mobile training?

  1. Create microlearning content and share it with a mobile training platform.

    Create a card set

    Creating content with only the most important information leads to greater comprehension and memory retention. The concise space on each single or double-sided card encourages a microlearning approach to training.

  2. Deliver post training reinforcement to employees with a top mobile learning platform.

    Add users to your mobile learning platform

    Quickly add or upload users into the platform. Sort them into groups, and give each of your managers an admin account. Admins create, share, and track training, helping you measure its effectiveness.

  3. Train employees on the go with a top microlearning platform.

    Share your card sets with your employees

    Employees download the TalentCards app, and enter their access code. In minutes they have training at their fingertips. With a click of a button, you’ve shared training with your people, no matter where they are in the world.

Why is a mobile training platform better for a deskless workforce?


of deskless employees prefer short training sessions that happen at regular intervals over long, one-time training events


of frontline workers report feeling comfortable using their own personal mobile devices to complete training


of deskless workers agree that access to additional training would help them feel more connected to their company's values and missions


See what our users have to say

I can see an improvement in performance. For instance, I see fewer problems with brakes after brake training. I see fewer problems with door locks after a door lock training … We see an improvement in the end line, and fast.


Diego Melo Silvestrini, Technical Training Supervisor at Schindler

TalentCards is a forward-thinking and innovative approach to contemporary eLearning development. With TalentCards I can now offer a new and exciting eLearning solution to my clients.

elearning space

Paul Williams, Founding Director at elearning space

This concept of flipping cards, it’s proven that it’s effective … The fact that you can flip the cards is the magic, in the sense of efficiency and retention.


Carlos Latorre, Head of Global Safety at Schindler

I think TalentCards is a good tool for Micro-learning and Rapid eLearning. It`s great for training people on specific processes and keeping a record of it. An excellent tool to enhance any learning program.


Felipe Araya, Director at Grouper Knowledge Transfer

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