Overcome the distance between you and your students with mobile learning software

Bring the learning to your students through the device they're already glued to their smartphones. Mobile learning software lets you train and engage students from anywhere.

The world has changed. What about your learning delivery?

Mobile use has surpassed desktop use on a global scale, and it’s time to rethink learning delivery. As traditional teaching methods become more unsuitable in a changing world, you need a different way to reach your students. With mobile education software you can reach and engage your students, even from a distance.

Boost engagement by redefining the learning experience

Keeping students engaged is an age-old problem that demands a new age solution: microlearning software. Microlearning allows students to master old topics, as well as learn new ones in small, bite-sized chunks. By spacing out learning into 5 - 7 minute intervals, students stay engaged with the material, and retain more information in the long run.

Eliminate the distance between you and your students

Whether your students are on campus, at home, or halfway around the world, you can stay connected and make learning a continuous process with mobile education software. By creating courses that your students access from their phones, you can be sure you’ve delivered the material they need, while empowering them to learn from any location, at any time.

Overcome barriers to learning with mobile accessibility

Sometimes courses themselves aren’t the biggest obstacle to learning. If your students have limited access at home to a computer or internet connection, the right mobile learning app can solve this problem. With mobile learning software, students can access content from a smartphone instead of a laptop, and download their courses for offline viewing later.

Teach your students from anywhere

What features make TalentCards the best mobile education software?

Optimized for microlearning

Cramming the night before the exam not only is an ineffective way to learn, but also guarantees that your students will forget everything you taught the moment the exam ends.TalentCards gives your students a way to review what they’ve learned, in as little as 5 minutes. See how shorter, more consistent review sessions will boost retention and test scores.

Mobile accessibility

With TalentCards, your students can carry all of their course material right in their pockets. They can study wherever and whenever they want — while they’re waiting for class to start, eating lunch, or on the way home. And if your students have limited access to a computer or internet at home, TalentCards gives them the ability to download content for offline studying.

Learning through gamification

It may be impossible to keep students off their phones, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Bring learning to your students in a way they’re all too familiar with: gaming. Turn on gamification in the app and let your students earn points for every card set or quiz they complete. Soon your students will be competing for rankings (and bragging rights) on the app’s leadership board, all while they’re studying for your class.

Analytics at a glance

With TalentCards’ analytics dashboard you can ditch traditional homework checks. Simply log into your portal and check which students have completed their card sets, and which haven’t. You can see which quizzes have the highest average scores, and which topics need more in-class review. You can even export individual student reports to get a more in-depth look at how you can help each member of your class improve and succeed.

How do I use TalentCards to build better mobile training?

  1. Create microlearning content and share it with a mobile training platform.

    Create a card set

    Creating content with only the most important information leads to greater comprehension and memory retention. The concise space on each single or double-sided card encourages a microlearning approach to training.

  2. Deliver post training reinforcement to employees with a top mobile learning platform.

    Add users to your mobile learning platform

    Quickly add or upload users into the platform. Sort them into groups, and give each of your instructors an admin account. Admins create, share, and track training, helping you measure its effectiveness.

  3. Share your card sets with your students image

    Share your card sets with your students

    Students download the TalentCards app, and enter their access code. In minutes they have training at their fingertips. With a click of a button, you’ve shared training with your people, no matter where they are in the world.

What are the benefits of using mobile learning technology?


of students believe mobile technology makes it easier for them to access coursework


of students believe mobile technology increases their knowledge in their field of study


of students believe mobile technology increases their motivation to complete coursework


of students believe mobile technology increases the quality of their work


See what our users have to say

I can see an improvement in performance. For instance, I see fewer problems with brakes after brake training. I see fewer problems with door locks after a door lock training … We see an improvement in the end line, and fast.


Diego Melo Silvestrini, Technical Training Supervisor at Schindler

TalentCards is a forward-thinking and innovative approach to contemporary eLearning development. With TalentCards I can now offer a new and exciting eLearning solution to my clients.

elearning space

Paul Williams, Founding Director at elearning space

This concept of flipping cards, it’s proven that it’s effective … The fact that you can flip the cards is the magic, in the sense of efficiency and retention.


Carlos Latorre, Head of Global Safety at Schindler

I think TalentCards is a good tool for Micro-learning and Rapid eLearning. It`s great for training people on specific processes and keeping a record of it. An excellent tool to enhance any learning program.


Felipe Araya, Director at Grouper Knowledge Transfer

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