Train healthcare employees on the go with top mobile learning software.

Create and deliver contactless healthcare training

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Deliver training to every person in your medical office or hospital, without the risk of face-to-face contact. Whether it’s compliance, healthcare, or soft skills knowledge, your people can access it all, right from their smartphones. Create my free account

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Train healthcare employees on the go with top mobile learning software.

Solve your healthcare training challenges with TalentCards

Quickly deliver contactless COVID-19 training

When your people are on the frontlines of a pandemic, they need proper training, and fast. But how can you give it to them when face-to-face contact has become risky?

Create short medical courses and healthcare training programs online with TalentCards. Deliver them to your staff through their smartphones. Your people can complete their COVID-19 training from anywhere, and you can always keep them up to date on the latest information.

Train healthcare employees on the go with a top mobile learning app.
Train healthcare employees quickly with top microlearning software.

Simplify medical training for healthcare assistants

Training in healthcare has always been a challenge, especially for new staff without medical backgrounds. Except it doesn’t have to be.

Deliver healthcare assistant and administration training that’s easy to understand, and enjoyable to complete. TalentCards’ microlearning approach to learning will help you create healthcare training courses that break down complicated topics into manageable pieces of information.

Train healthcare professionals in soft skills, management, and more

Running a medical office doesn’t just mean having the best medical staff. It means having the best people.

Help your team develop skills that go beyond the books. Train doctors and medical office administration in soft skills like communication, compassion, patience and more. Teach your employees about management and leadership, right from their smartphones.

Train healthcare employees quickly with a top microlearning platform.
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of healthcare professionals report that their biggest training challenge is having to spend too much time in front of a computer to complete it.

Source: The State of Deskless Workforce Training

What types of healthcare training can you use TalentCards for?

Train your deskless employees on the go using a top mobile learning platform.

Deskless training

When your doctors, care assistants, and admin are on their feet helping people, sidelining them for training just isn’t an option. Give them courses they can complete on the go through their smartphones, and keep them where they’re needed most— beside your patients.

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Deliver compliance training to your employees on the go using a top mobile learning platform.

Compliance training

Don’t just meet healthcare compliance training requirements. Make training engaging and memorable through the power of microlearning. Design and deliver courses that are easy to consume, easy to remember, and fit right in their pockets.

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Deliver reinforcement training to your employees on the go using a top mobile learning platform.

Reinforcement training

Healthcare training is highly specific, and information heavy. No one can remember every detail after the first run through. With TalentCards, all it takes is 5 minutes every day to reinforce those important concepts that help keep everyone safe.

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