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TalentCards solves your training challenges

Leverage the latest training technology

No matter how informative your content is, it means nothing without a seamless user experience.

Great training deserves great delivery. Redefine the learning experience by training employees right from their smartphones. Watch as engagement and completion increase the moment employees no longer need a laptop to access your training.

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Deliver training courses that stand out

Organizations have endless training consultants to choose from. That’s why your services and content need to bring something exceptional to the table.

Create microlearning courses with text, images, audio, and video, and deliver them directly to learners’ smartphones through the TalentCards app. Motivate employees to engage with your training by allowing them to earn points for passing quizzes, and compete with coworkers for rankings on the app’s leaderboard.

Ensure your training has a long term impact

Don’t just influence individual employees — establish a lasting culture of learning and development in your clients’ organizations.

Ensure every client is satisfied with your services, even after you’ve parted ways. The TalentCards app gives employees the perfect way to reference back to their training at any time, from anywhere, with the tap of a button. With training they can carry in their pocket, your content remains accessible and relevant, long after your job is done.

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of employees who receive gamified training report feeling more motivated, while 61% of those without gamified training report feeling bored and unproductive.

Source: TalentLMS Gamification Survey

What types of client training can you use TalentCards for?

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Deskless training

When your client’s employees are on the move, your training needs to move with them. Eliminate barriers to adoption and encourage learners to engage with your content by giving them a quick and easy way to access it on the go.

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Reinforcement training

Meet and exceed your clients’ expectations with training that actually sticks, and produces lasting results. The TalentCards app helps learners remember your training using spaced repetition, a learning method that reinforces important information.

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Product training

Recommending products to solve your clients’ challenges is only the first step. Create and share microlearning courses to train them on new tools, programs, or software, helping them resolve issues faster than they thought possible.

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