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Deliver food safety training to every employee, without slowing them down

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Whether you’re moving food from a farm to a supermarket, or from the kitchen to the customer’s table, it can’t wait. TalentCards delivers training to people on the go, through the device they already carry with them — their smartphone. Create my free account

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TalentCards solves your food safety training challenges

Deliver training to your food handlers, even on the go

Restaurant staff, delivery drivers, supermarket employees. When your people do their jobs on the move, they need training that moves with them.

Create and deliver food protection and hygiene training courses, and deliver them to your employees through their smartphones. Whether you’re sharing knowledge for the first time, or reinforcing training from in-person sessions, your people have access to info right in their pockets.

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Ensure every employee remembers their food safety training

Do more than just check off the food certification box. Help your employees actually remember important food safety and hygiene details.

Train your people on food borne illnesses, allergens, and more. The TalentCards app helps your people remember important details using spaced repetition, a learning method proven to restore memory back to 100%, even 30 days after learning new material for the first time. All it takes is 5 minutes of daily training to keep those safety guidelines fresh and front of mind.

Train managers to be better leaders and communicators

Whether you’re running a restaurant, grocery store, factory, or farm, teamwork and leadership are the driving forces behind successful operations.

Train your managers and leaders on both processes and people. With TalentCards you can train your people in supply chain, communicate your company values, deliver soft skills training, and more.

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of employees working in the food and beverage industry say that training boosts their motivation.

Source: TalentLMS survey - Employee training in F&B

What types of food handler training can you use TalentCards for?

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Deskless training

Keep your food handlers up to date on training and safety regulations, without slowing them down. TalentCards delivers training to people on the go, through the device they already carry with them— their smartphone.

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Compliance training

Don’t just meet compliance requirements. Make your food protection courses engaging and memorable through the power of microlearning. Design and deliver training programs that are easy to consume, and easy to remember.

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Reinforcement training

Your food handlers’ knowledge and memory can make a big difference in everyone’s health and well-being. With TalentCards, all it takes is 5 minutes of daily reinforcement training for your employees to help keep everyone safe.

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