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For employees working in tech, there’s no place for outdated training software. That’s why TalentCards is the smartest training solution that delivers bite-sized microlearning courses, right to your people’s smartphones. Create my free account

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TalentCards solves your tech training challenges

Train your salespeople on the in’s and out’s of your software

Even the best software won’t sell itself. Make sure your people have all the knowledge they need to close every deal.

Create microlearning courses in TalentCards for every topic your salespeople need. Train them in your own software and products, sales skills, and more, by delivering courses right to their smartphones. That way, your salespeople will always have access to the information they need, whether they’re in the office, or on the road.

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Unlock your customer support’s fullest potential

The better your customer support teams know and understand your products, the faster they can resolve tickets and respond to your clients.

Train your customer support reps in everything from listening and communication skills, to integrations and troubleshooting. Use TalentCards to send your people a notification right to their phones every time there’s a new update. Add to your existing content, or create new courses, and share them with your people with the tap of a button.

Boost engagement with training across the whole company

When you work for a tech company, there’s no room for bad software. TalentCards creates a uniquely engaging learning experience for every employee.

Break your training down into microlearning courses that are quick to complete, easy to understand, and actually fun to do. Your employees can complete courses at their own pace, reference back to them at any time, and compete with their coworkers for points and rankings. Watch as training becomes a part of your company’s culture, and not just the to-do list.

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of companies that embrace mobile learning report that their people have become more responsive to marketplace changes.

Source: Shift eLearning

What types of technology training can you use TalentCards for?

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Deskless training

When you’ve got salespeople, installers, technicians, and more on the road, don’t slow them down for training. TalentCards delivers training to your people on the go, through the device they already carry with them— their smartphone.

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Product training

Make sure every employee in your company knows your products and software backwards and forwards. Whether you’re onboarding new-hires, or releasing a new update, TalentCards keeps every employee informed and up to date.

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Reinforcement training

No one can remember every detail of a training session after the first run through. With TalentCards, all it takes is 5 minutes every day to reinforce important information and commit it to memory for the long term.

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